Every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30, I attend my Reporting class, JB 3263, which I believe is required for all JB majors, except Advertising majors.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, I also hear complaints from the vast majority of the class, who are Public Relations majors, how we shouldn’t be taking Reporting. “I’m not a reporter, and I don’t want to be a reporter.” For the most part I agree with them.

A friend of mine, who is also currently taking the course and sits by me every day muttering under her breath, “this doesn’t pertain to me because I’m not a reporter,” has some great ideas about how to solve this problem of unhappy PR students and irritated Reporting professors and students.

Her idea was to, of course, eliminate the Reporting requirement for PR majors, and create a PR Comm Methods 1 and PR Comm Methods 2, one based more on the theories and scenarios of public relations, while the other would consist more of writing actual press releases, brochures, media kits, etc. I don’t know if it is even necessary of there to be two courses. Adding a Lab on to PR Comm Methods JB 3283 where we focused more on actually producing the things we learn about in class, I think would be sufficient. This would give PR students a better glimpse into what public relations is really like, as well as benefit reporting students by giving them smaller class sizes, more one on one time with professors and give them a better chance of getting a beat they enjoy working on.

I realize it is important that as public relations professionals, we need to know how to work with, and think like, reporters. However, I think it is unnecessary to have PR majors take an entire course solely over reporting and I believe most of the other PR majors agree.