The future of PR is, like everything else in this world, seeming to move toward technology. I know that even within some of the organizations I am involved with, we are switching to online media networks, and using less paper communication than ever before.

With that said, I believe that some kind of paper communication will always be in use, simply because there is something about holding information in your hand that cannot be replaced completely be electronics. The “basics” are basics for a reason, they have worked over a long period of time, although they may be updated and modified.

 The Internet has created a convenience for all people in communications. People are able to send things to multiple people or media outlets with no extra effort, at low cost and in an instant time frame.

 Public Relations professionals should be needed even with the future moving towards technology, however, they will have to change their methods of sending and receiving information to become more geared toward a technological audience. PR professionals will still be still be in use because they are professional  communicators, no matter what methods of communicating are being practiced.

As someone who is heading towards a future in Public Relations, I do realize that a lot of my responsibilities will be geared toward at a technological base, and that things such as blogging and online social media releases will be critical to my future in this career. Those who are ready to make the change and adapt will be at an advantage to those who have not considered the changes that are taking place in PR, media outlets and communication in general.