Currently, I am enrolled in Bill Handy’s Social Media course. In the course we are leaning about all forms of social media: Twitter, WordPress, Digg and a bunch of other sites that I have never heard of. I am excited to learn more about the world of social media? Oh yes. Have I made it a goal to make sure I use these tools on a regular basis? Sure have. Do I already enjoy it more than I thought I would? You bet.

I’ve blogged before, for another of Bill’s classes. (Promise, I’m going to get better at it.) Of course, I have a Facebook. I check it several times a day, especially since Facebook Chat has been added. I love to chat with my friend online. Sometimes I even use it to chat with my roommates. Yes, while they are in the room. However, now after I log off Facebook, I have another site to log on to. Twitter.

I didn’t think I would like Twitter or tweeting, but I was mistaken. My favorite part about Twitter currently, is that I can follow news that I select such as CNN, NEWSOK or tulsaworld to get my small bits of news. If I want to read the whole story, I just simply have to follow the link. Love it. I also like seeing what other people are interested in. When someone I am following, like a friend, posts something they found interesting, they share it with me. Awesome.

Even though I live with 71 other young women who are making fun of me for using the words twitter and tweet, I’ll have them all tweeting before the semester is over. Don’t worry about it.  Go to and try it out.