Last week Natalie Wright from the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma came to our class and told us how they are using social media in their non-profit organization.

While the jury is still out on whether or not RFOB can’t live with it or can’t live with out it, they are doing a great job using it. RFOB, with much help from Natalie Wright, has created a twitter account, facebook account, Myspace account, Flickr account and maybe even a couple other sources that I have forgotten.  

I think it is really wise of RFOB to get its name out in the surrounding community using these tools for tons of reasons, my main one being it can reach a huge audience by still targeting their audiences specific needs. I think the facebook presence is a great way for RFOB to reach those people who are already committed to its cause, and for it to recruit young and willing volunteers. I think the twitter presences is a smart way for the “business and media community”, if you will, to know what is going with RFOB.

I think this organization should definitely be commended for its efforts and props to Natalie for getting RFOB up and running in the social media world.

Visit them at or follow them on Twitter @rfbo