boy-girlSo, I’m a little behind on my blogging. I’m ok with it, because I have resolved my issue. I was going to blog about interesting things that I am reading. I really enjoy reading for pleasure and I guess I thought if I had to read so I could blog about it, maybe I would make more time for it. I was mistaken. Seems that I still only have maybe 30 minutes to an hour to read every day, and frankly that just isn’t enough time. No worries. Instead I’m going to blog about my original idea. Relationships.

No, I am not an expert on relationships by any means of the term. I do, as my friends will probably attest to analyzing and really looking into the nitty gritty of relationships. Not just mine, but others as well and maybe even more frequently. (Go ahead girls, you can comment, I will still love you.) When blogging, I’ll try to post what I think is interesting, trends, movies/songs, basically what a girl like me would have to say about those things.

Don’t think you’ve got to have a bf/gf to get into this. You have one, ever had one, ever will have one, ever known someone who had one… well I think you get it.