800px-valentines_day_chocolates_from_2005Of course Valentine’s Day is trending Twitter topic. Why wouldn’t it be? (Just Valentine’s Day. No #. ) In case you haven’t noticed the candy, over-sized teddy bears and increased traffic at the floral shops, here is your official reminder. Valentine’s Day is Saturday. I’m sure I just sent some you who have significant others into a frenzy. Not quite my intention, but your welcome for the reminder just the same. Apparently, you aren’t the only people who are worried about it though.

Since I began writing this post, there have been 46 new “tweets” about Valentine’s Day. Yes, in the time it took me to type that first paragraph. Lots of people who are venting about the fact that the holiday even exists, some overly excited girls, lots of e-card talk, some frantic men who don’t know what to give their very deserving ladies all of which I’m finding interesting.

I think its great if you love the holiday, and I understand if you don’t. Personally, I don’t really want another reason to gorge on chocolate. Flowers are really pretty, but they are usually left to die. Restaurants are over-crowded. There is in fact a soft-spot in my heart for some really well-thought, sweet and simple gestures. So everyone quit freakin out, it’s just another day to tell that special someone, I really do love you. Or kinda like you anyway…

If you are looking for me on V-Day, you van probably find me spending some time with the only Valentine that really matters to me. My Daddy. 😉