I’m not sure what the correct verb usage for Ning is but I’m suggesting Ningin, so take not social media world. For those of you who are unsure, Ning.com allows you to create your own social networking site. You get your own brand, members, widgets, real-time activity steam, groups, network, chat and all this convenience is for free.

The sites look really good and, as far as I can tell, are pretty easy to use. I am a member of the Oklahoma Social Media Club, which created its Web site using Ning. http://www.oklasocialmediaclub.org/ You can see that it is pretty user friendly.

So of course our social media class is creating our site with Ning.  Anyone surprised? I wasn’t really either. We will be creating a site that is geared toward students in JB school, and more broadly, any OSU students who are or want to be engaged in social media. I know, you’re excited.

I absolutely love the Ning homepage. It shows some of the popular Networking sites of the day. Today’s sites include “The Bonnie Hunt Show”, “The Twilight Saga” (I’ll probably be joining that one shortly), ” The Green Light Community”, “Offbeat Bride Tribe”, “Lost Zombies” and “Burnt Marshmallows”. Isn’t it amazing how specifically a person can get into their own niche? That is just one of the many benefits of creating your own social networking site. http://www.ning.com/ Check it out, you might even get a giggle out of it or something.

I’m pretty excited to learn how to create with and use this network. My mom and dad are excited because now I can do it for his company. (Thanks for that Bill.)