An organization that I am heavily involved in is having a function this weekend. One of the most anticipated functions of the semester, for some. For others, the most dreaded. It’s the semi-formal. (I heard the gasps. Take a deep breath, we’ll get through this together.)

Now normally, I feel like it is no big deal to fly solo to one of these “functions”, if you will. However, the term “semi-formal” adds such a weighted stigma. Everyone feels like it is necessary that if you are going to get dressed to the nines, you need to have a handsome young man on your arm. Since everyone feels this way, it is really intimidating to go without a date!

Here’s the best part. All of your friends who have dates feel compelled, even obligated to try and set you up with one of their dates friends. Perfect. Now I’m supposed to take some complete stranger, and hope that the evening is only slightly awkward. No thanks, I’ve had enough self-inflicted awkwardness in my lifetime.

I don’t know why we have to put so much pressure on one another to find a date. If I have a special someone, or even a someone, that I think I would have a good time with, awesome. I’ll take him. If I don’t, I think I can manage one more single-ladies evening. I’m not that dependent.

So if you’re there, I’ll be the one in the silver dress who isn’t babysitting some stranger. Have fun girls.