It’s pretty easy to say that the world of social media affecting the way we interact with one another. Unless they just have something really lengthy to say, I have found people would much rather communicate via text message, facebook or e-mail as opposed to the old fashioned cell phone. Or sometimes when it is just too difficult to tell someone something, you’d rather break it to them easily with an apologetic facebook message, so heart-felt. My generation would much rather get information through a medium where they can see it and have a record of the information, rather than hearing it over the phone (or heaven forbid, word of mouth) and having to write it down.

But lets be real, Facebook alone has changed how we interact in our relationships. Let me give a quick rundown. You meet someone that catches your attention in class, at a restaurant, through a mutual friend or wherever. You have a conversation that goes well and you seem to hit it off. What is the first thing you do when you get home? Every single girl knows, you Facebook ’em. (This probably happens even if you didn’t hit it off so well. You have to at least check, right?) Here’s where it gets tricky. Do you add this person as a friend or wait and see if they request your friendship first? I mean you don’t want to seem to eager, but also want to seem interested and everyone can use another Facebook friend right? etc, etc… Now lets just say that after all of the Facebook flirting (quirky wall posts, late night Facebook chats, messages asking if you want to get ice cream) you really hit it off. It’s time to define the relationship. I don’t know about everyone else, but when one of my friends goes facebook official, we expect a ring to follow within the year. Yep. It’s taken that seriously. Why wouldn’t it be? You’re proclaiming your relationship to world! Or, at least to the 1000 friends you share between the two of you. Heaven forbid you break up!! Now all of your friends receive a notice “Jessica Young is no longer in a relationship.” This literally happened to me once. Within the hour I received phone calls from across the state from concerned friends, which was exactly what I needed just then. Then you have to discuss, what is the appropriate grace period for leaving the status “in a relationship”? Days, weeks, months? And who “cancels” the relationship? The dumper or dumpee? So much etiquette to consider.

Here is a video that I think depicts how Facebook has changed the meaning of our relationships all to well.

Just imagine what will happen when we add Twitter into the mix. Here is what I envision. You find someone who has interesting Tweets and is following some of the same people you are. You begin following one another and tweeting on a regular basis. @replies and directmessages are funny and interesting, what’s not to like? The next thing you know you are scheduling a private Tweetup at the local Smoothie King! I’m just sayin, the possibilities are endless.