First I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank everyone for taking time out of their busy schedules to come to Stillwater. All of the students really appreciate your thought and consideration.

I think the expo was an overall success! Personally, I got to meet some great people who work for great organizations so I felt it was definitely worth my time. I really enjoyed speaking with Janet from the OSU Marketing Department, with STATE magazine. We had a really good chat about some current writing assignments that I am doing and how they can possibly correlate with the magazine.

I also really enjoyed speaking with the representatives from Schnake Turnbo Frank PR. They seemed really excited to tell us about their firm and are really excited to get some qualified interns. The firms has more than 50 clients, and they explained their interns get to work with any of the clients that need additional help.

Overall, I think the expo was a success. For future expos I would like to see more representatives from the Tulsa and Stillwater area. I think that Oklahoma City was fairly well represented. I also hope that because of today’s event and it’s success that more communications professionals will want to travel to stillwater to meet with OSU’s young and upcoming professionals.