9780800732516Would I say that God has been working in my life lately? Yes, definitely. I feel like he has just been waiting for me to open the door, and now that he’s got his foot in he’s not leaving any time soon.

It has been a lot of little things like small epiphanies I have throughout the day, and little remarks that stick on my heart more than normal.

The most clear cut sign has most definietely been the impulse to purchase the book Glimpses of Heaven. I would never have picked up this book by chance, and I’m still not sure where the impulse to read it before all the other books I currently have on hand came from.

This wonderful little book was written by a former hospice nurse who wrote down the stories of her terminally ill patients. In each story, God helps the patient find peace before they pass on. It’s a wonderful book that really gave me hope and perspective on the life here and the life after.

I would also say it is not coincidence a good friend of mines father passed away after a tw0 year battle with cancer while I was in the middle of this book. The story of his passing could have come straight from the pages of this book, and it was a beautiful story.

Does any of this really mean anything? I don’t know. I do know that Glimpses of Heaven was a good, quick read,one that will be added to my permanent collection and one I can’t seem to get off my mind.