Yes,  I am on vacation with my family in Mexico. We have lots of fun, soak up some sun and eat way too much food. But this is so much more than your typical “tropical drink with the fruit and umbrella” vacation.

Every two years, my home church Tri-County Church of Christ in Cushing, OK, sends several people to visit the Iglesia de Christo in Cancun. We, along with several other churches in Oklahoma, provide financial support to this congregation throughout the year. The best part about this arrangement is that every other summer we get to come spend time with our brothers and sisters in Cancun. We provide support, encouragement and lesson ideas but mostly just enjoy spending time with one another.

We buy food to take to smaller congregations in surrounding villages, teach classes and help invite people to services. That all seems really simple, but words just don’t do justice to what we do while we are here.

We just have so much fun and pictures are worth a thousand words, so I plan on posting pictures and letting you know what we are doing each day right here. Here’s just a few to start with!

Handing out invitations in the morning for evening church services.

"Abbie singing "I'm all wrapped up, tied up and tangled up in Jesus."

Assembly line to bag food to take to the village churches.

Jordy and I with our friend Weendii!

Daddy and Santi making friends, but Santi still seems reluctant.