If you are looking to get some real, hands-on public relations experience without leaving the comfort of campus, you should apply for PRSSA’s new student-run firm, STATEments.

The 8 members of STATEments, me included, have been split into smaller groups and assigned clients to work with including the OSU Foundation, Smart Start of Payne County and OSU Racing. As members of STATEments we have to opportunity to perform real client work for the organizations. Some of the work I have done is creating a social media plan for OSU Foundation and working on branding issues with Smart Start of Payne County.

STATEments began meeting and taking on clients in January of 2009. Before the firm had even begun meeting PR professor, Gina Noble, had a dozen potential clients asking for the firms assistance. As STATEments and its client-base continues to grow, the firm is looking to double its membership in the fall. The organization meets weekly or as needed, and is a great way to gain experience. Because the organization is a new one, some of the kinks are still being worked out, but I believe that everyone who is interested in being a PR professional should apply to be a member of the firm.

I’ve included a copy of the application and job descriptions in the¬†pages section of my blog. You may also find the application and job descriptions on sociallyorange.org